what I would really like to do in Film
i would really love to produce:
  • testimonials from the voices and faces from the native community who came to  know Yeshua (Both elders and the youth)
  • to produce/collaborate on documentaries of Indigenous Emphasis
  • To produce/collaborate on short featurette stories of Native Artisans: Cartoonists, Flutists, Drummers, Singers, Painters, Dancers, Beaders, Weavers
  • To Collaborate on Commercials for Native Businesses and Organizations
  • definitely a full length feature drama on Spokane Gary's life and other indigenous missionaries in order to help build a bridge of repentance and edification in His kingdom.
  • collaborate on Music videos  for Broken Walls, Beckah Shae, Doug Yates and other musicians yet to discover
  • Indigenous Animation series that honors my Lord & Savior Warrior



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