My name is Coral Tulle Hahn. Hahn means “first in the morning to praise God.” This German (Estonian) name has a rooster for its emblem. I also have Scottish roots. the Scottish flower is the thistle. google articles reveal that the thistle is associated with qualities such as  perseverance, faithfulness and admiration. Both the feather in the native culture and the thistle in the northern culture are associated with the crowning of wisdom. wisdom is given by Creator Father. Since I was small, I received inspiration and influence by watching Marty Stouffer’s “Wild America” later followed by Crocodile Hunter and Jeff Corwin. My sci-fantasy love for film and story comes from Valerie Reddix’s "Treasure of the Scroll", Brian Jacques’ "Redwall" series, and of course Narnia and Tolkien. I have always had art and writing. so, when I entered college, I sought to become a marriage counselor to fix the issues I had personally witnessed. I learned the importance and power of prayer and that there are some things we cannot change, good as those changes might be, due to others decisions. I almost got my liberal art degree, but didn’t see how I could support myself. challenged by someone close to me of what I really wanted to do with my life, I courageously accepted the challenge to start all over, pursuing my dream of being a film director and editor. I found joy in editing which gives creative outlet and producing, as the producer deals more with the details and budgeting in the film world.


why eternal feather film? Well, when I was little, I told my mother I didn’t want to go to heaven because my concept of heaven was singing the same hymns over and over for eternity. Only later in High School did I discover that people sing in different languages and with fresh, personal new songs. A friend in High School introduced me to the unreconciled relationship between the native community and the body of Christ. God continued and continues to connect me with the community. It broke and melts my heart for this community, a lot of whose youth deal with hopelessness and suicide. Having experienced Jesus' personal, deep love for me during a suicide attempt in Junior High,  which stopped me from taking my life, just more so solidified my love and calling to help bring awareness to help bring reconciliation between this community and the true body of Yeshua, not that other communities are irrelevant, mind you. Recently rereading the Revelation verse that speaks of all nations, tribes and tongues, I noted it is Creator’s desire that all nations, tribes and tongues have a personal relationship as they cry out that God is THEIR GOD and that Jesus is THE Lamb. I have long respected the Native’s non-wasteful lifestyle and love to promote companies ideas on Pinterest that recycle, upcycle and refurbish. Culture of Trust is a film impressed upon my heart to complete of how Trust can benefit and heal us societally, culturally and personally.

Eternal Feather film logo is inspired by healing. In the native culture, feathers and hair worn certain ways signify different things. This logo centralizes that Yeshua, described in scripture as a warrior, was wounded for our transgressions. so, as a warrior, He has been wounded many times in spiritual battle for our hearts, hence the split feather. However, he has defeated the enemy and promises to come back for us, hence, the included red dot that signifies a warrior has killed his enemy. "o death, where is your sting?" Yeshua defeated the enemy at the cross. beating on the drum is viewed as a heartbeat to Abba, the Creator Father. Its prayerful voice has long been misunderstood, misinformed and shunned (grievously) from the body of Yeshua.  When going into battle, European soldiers at times clanged their swords upon their shields to  put fear into the heart of the enemy. we are in a spiritual battle and a time, though we do not know the day nor hour of Yeshua's return, His return draws ever closer.  in the words of King David, 'let everything that has breath, praise the lord."




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